Dead Pool

Wade Winston Wilson, better known as Deadpool,5 is a fictional, mercenary, supervillain6 and anti-hero character who appears in the comics published by Marvel Comics. Created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza. Deadpool first appeared in New Mutants (vol. 1) #98 (1991).

As a mentally unstable and disfigured mercenary, Deadpool originally appeared as Villain in the comic New Mutants, and later in X-Force editions. Since then, the character has starred in several ongoing series, and shares titles with other characters, such as Cable. Known as the “Mercenario Bocón” (“Merc with a Mouth” in Spain), it is famous for its communicative nature and its tendency to break the Fourth Wall, a resource used by writers for a humorous effect. His greatest enemy is Taskmaster.

In February 2016 an adaptation to cinema was released by Fox.7 Tim Miller was in charge of directing it, while Ryan Reynolds gave life to the character, appearing in the films: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Deadpool (2016), and its sequel Deadpool 2 (2018).

Deadpool normally performs in a red and black suit and has his face covered to hide his horrible scars. He is often catalogued as a mercenary, a villain, a hero or an antihero. He is characterised by constant references to popular culture and the use of sarcasm and black humour in his conversations. In addition, he uses all kinds of high technology for the execution of his missions.

As with Wolverine, Deadpool’s personality and abilities are largely the result of being subjected to the Canadian government’s paramilitary program known as X Weapon. After Weapon X cured his terminal cancer by implanting the “healing factor” extracted from Wolverine, Deadpool was disfigured and mentally unstable.

Deadpool was originally an adversary of New Mutants and then of the X-Force, developing romantic feelings for Siryn, a member of the X-Force. Deadpool starred in two limited series: Sins of the Past and The Circle Chase. He went on to have a regular series in 1997, which was known for its slapstick style and its willingness to break the fourth wall. The Deadpool series was cancelled, but the character appeared in 2002 in the collection titled Agent X, which was cancelled in 2003. Deadpool appeared along with Cable, former leader of the group, X-Force, in the series Cable & Deadpool which ended in the number 50.

Deadpool shares many similarities with the villain Deathstroke, who appears in comic books of the publishing house DC, particularly in the suit, profession and real name (being Slade Wilson Deathstroke and Wade Wilson Deadpool). However, since Deadpool was introduced, Deadpool and Deathstroke have followed completely different trajectories.

Publication History
His first appearance took place in issue 98 of the New Mutants comic book collection (originally published in February 1991) and his appearances continued in the X-Force collection. The character became quite popular, and even starred in mini-series such as The Circle in Chase in 1993, written by Fabian Nicieza with drawings by Joe Madureira. Its success led to a second limited series: Sins of the Past, created in 1994 by Mark Waid and Ian Churchil. At that time Deadpool began making guest appearances in Marvel comic collections such as Wolverine, Nomada, Silver Sable and Heroes for Hire.

In 1997, the monthly comic collection “Deadpool” was released, initially written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Ed McGuinness, starring the character. Thanks to it, the character firmly established his nickname of “The Big Mouth Mercenary” and secondary characters such as Blind Al and Weasel became known. The series was considered cult because of its unorthodox main character and jokes about popular culture.

The Deadpool collection lasted until number 69, after which, in 2002, a new title signed by Gail Simone with a similar character called Agent X was re-launched. This happened at the same time that Cable was transformed into Soldier X and X-Force into X-Statix. It was discovered that the main character of Agent X was not Deadpool, and the climax of the series saw the original character restored.

Deadpool’s next appearance came in 2004, with the release of Cable & Deadpool written by Fabian Nicieza, which ended at number 50. (This title is scheduled to be replaced by the new Cable series in March 2008).8 Deadpool would then briefly appear in the Wolverine: Origins series written by Daniel Way before Way released another Deadpool series.9

In September 2008 a new series entitled “Deadpool” by Daniel Way was released, later in 2009 the mini-series Deadpool:Suicide kings and Deadpool: Merc with a mouth.

Biography of the fictional character
The character’s background story has been presented as vague and subject to change, and within the narrative he cannot remember his personal story due to a mental condition. Whether or not his name was Wade Wilson is subject to speculation as one of his enemies, T-Ray, states in Deadpool #33 that he is the real Wade Wilson and that Deadpool is a cruel killer who stole his identity.10There have been other dubious stories about his story, at one time supervillain Loki claimed to be his father.11 Often, revelations are later reconnected or completely ignored, and on one theme, Deadpool himself joked that whether or not Wade Wilson is really depends on which writer the reader prefers.12

He has professed to be Canadian.13 The original story made him join the Weapon X program after he was expelled from the U.S. Army Special Forces. And he received an artificial healing factor based on Wolverine’s thanks to Dr. Emrys Killebrew, one of the leading scientists.14 The original story made him join the Weapon X program after he was expelled from the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Deadpool is aware that he’s a fictional comic book character. It commonly breaks the fourth wall, which is made by a few other characters in the Marvel Universe, and this is used for the humorous effect. He often has conversations with his two internal monologues, which are shown as boxes on his panels; in Deadpool Annual #1 (2014) it is revealed that Madcap, an enemy of Captain America, is the psychotic voice that appears in white legends with a typewriter serif; the other voice is not identified and is often mistakenly attributed to Dr. Bong, Deadpool’s former psychiatrist.

Deadpool is described as a regenerative healing factor, which not only prevents him from suffering permanent injuries through improved cell regeneration throughout his body, but also causes psychosis and mental instability, as his neurons are also affected by accelerated regeneration. It is believed that while his psychoses are a disadvantage, they are also one of his assets, making him an extremely unpredictable opponent. Taskmaster, who has photoreflexive memory that allows him to copy anyone’s combat skills by observation, could not beat Deadpool due to his chaotic and improvised fighting style. Taskmaster has also stated that Deadpool is an expert at distracting his opponents.

Sexual Orientation
In December 2013, Deadpool was confirmed as pansexual by Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan via Twitter. When asked about Deadpool’s sexuality, co-creator Fabian Nicieza stated: “Deadpool is any sexual inclination that your brain tells you is at THAT moment.

Powers and Skills
Deadpool’s primary power is an accelerated healing factor, described by several writers with different levels of efficiency. The speed of your healing factor depends on the severity of the wound and Deadpool’s state of mind. It works most efficiently when you are awake, alert and in good spirits. Deadpool’s accelerated healing factor is strong enough to have survived full incineration and decapitation more than once. Although his head normally has to reunite with his body to heal a decapitation wound, he was able to regrow his head after being pulverized by the Hulk in the graphic novel Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool’s brain cells are similarly affected, and dying neurons are rejuvenated at a super-accelerated rate. This allows Deadpool to recover from any head injury, and makes him almost invulnerable to psychic and telepathic powers, although this ability is inconsistent. It has been revealed that at the time he was given his healing ability, Deadpool suffered from some kind of cancer; after he was given the healing factor, he made his normal cells and his cancer cells unable to die, giving him a marked appearance of scars underneath his suit.

Deadpool and Black Widow costumes.
Other versions

Deadpool Cosplay.

Deadpool and Black Widow costumes.
Other versions

Deadpool Cosplay.
Ultimate Deadpool
This character, who has never had a series of his own, is shown for the first time in the 92nd issue of the American edition of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, with a cover date of May 2006 and script by Brian Michael Bendis and drawings by Mark Bagley. On this occasion Deadpool’s exterior appearance is very similar to that presented in the rest of the collections, but his real name is Wade Wilson and is presented as a veteran sergeant of the Wakanda wars who heads a group of mercenaries called Harvesters who, like him, have undergone various interventions to possess superhuman skills and thus demonstrate human supremacy over the mutant. The character continues to break the fourth wall when addressing the audience, although this time it is because his exploits within the story are being retransmitted by a television program.15 Fruit of experiments that have given him his powers (among which include agility and strength, the ability to adopt different human forms) seems to have lost its human aspect, hiding behind his mask a disfigured face covered by a mask of transparent material.16

Deadpool kills Marvel Universe
A mini-series whose events take place in an alternative universe.

After a psychological session with a therapist who turned out to be Psycoman in disguise, Deadpool is told the truth about his existence and that of all of Marvel’s characters: they are just entertainment. From there, Wade initiates a massacre in which he kills all the heroes of Marvel, starting with the 4 Fantastic, Spider-Man, besides murdering the villains, among them Dr. Death, Magneto and The Green Elf. Not satisfied with this, he looks for in the Sanctum Sanctorum, a book that guides him to the nexus between realities, where he ends up fighting with Taskmaster, and when defeating him, he begins the trip towards his next objective, to kill the scriptwriters who write his history.

X-Men origins: Deadpool
It’s a so-called “One Shot” published by Marvel, where the character is shown telling his story to various film producers and directors. In this comic the original story varies in many areas. As a child Wade played with his father and had a kind of routine where his father stood behind the front door and into the famous “knock, knock…” joke. Until one day his father didn’t knock on the door again even though he kept asking who was there. After his father’s departure, Wade’s mother tried to soothe his pain with alcohol; she didn’t even worry about feeding Wade. Deadpool enlisted in the army and was labeled a great shot. Within the army he did his own mercenary business without knowing what that would become later. Wade continued to do his jobs and returned home with his girlfriend Vanessa, until he received the letter notifying him that he had cancer and decided to leave her. Then, in a bar, an old mercenary told him about the X project where he could be healed. After the painful experiments, he was sent to a kind of reformatory from which he would later escape, and finally became a mercenary wearing a mask just like those he refers to as: “Those of the funny magazines.

Deadpool Messiah War
The X-Force travels 1000 years in the future and there are Wade Wilson, who after a nuclear explosion that had occurred on the surface of the Earth, survived by locking himself in an industrial refrigerator. Decades and decades passed and Deadpool’s power did not die and as the years went by his mind deteriorated.

It was some men who, after this time, discovered it and noted that Deadpool can live a long time without eating.

Golden Age Deadpool
In an alternate reality, Deadpool is Freddy Wilson, son of President Woodrow Wilson. After enlisting in World War I he repented and seeking to be exempted consumed large quantities of cigarettes with the excuse of having been intoxicated with Mustard Gas. Unfortunately this consumption caused his lungs to be affected and he had to wear a mask for the rest of his life. In the 2nd World War the Nazis invited him to a secret program where he could increase his physical capacities, turning him into a Swastika Weapon.

Born in the 10330 universe, he lived in Xavier’s school. His character made him be hated by his classmates and eventually the Deadpool of the universe we know would invite him to be part of the Deadpool Corps.

Gwen Poole, or “Gwenpool,” is an amalgam of Deadpool and Gwen Stacy. It began as one of 20 variant covers published in June 2015 for the current series, which after the popularity of Spider-Gwen saw Gwen Stacy reinvented as other Marvel characters, such as Doctor Strange, Groot and Wolve.

Although Deadpool never played a dialogue role in the X-Men animated series, he did several cameo’s throughout the series in several episodes. Deadpool appears in a flashback sequence with Wolverine in one of Sabretooth’s mental sessions with Professor Xavier, in the episode “Deadly Meetings”. Morph changes Deadpool’s form in the “Whatever’s Necessary” episode. The character also makes an appearance when Xavier’s dark side projected an image of Deadpool to attack Wolverine in the episode “The Phoenix Saga Part 2: The Dark Shroud”.
At a time before the cancellation of Wolverine and the X-Men was announced, second season was in the works and would include Deadpool. Nolan North was chosen for his voice.
Deadpool has a short cameo in the episode “Destiny”, from Marvel Anime: X-Men.
Deadpool appears in Ultimate Spider-Man, in episode 15 of the second season, “Deadpool Returns”. The character is alluded to on a cover “Timely” during a fight against Sabretooth (in “A Peculiar Day”) and as a Harry Osborn video game character (in “The Iron Octopus”). This version was a previous apprentice of S.H.I.E.L.D. before falling to be a mercenary. Despite (and due to) Spider-Man’s growing aversion to Deadpool’s antics, attitude and willingness to kill (or as Deadpool says, “un-vivo” / “K-word”), both end up fighting Taskmaster and each other for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s critique of the secret identities of America’s superheroes. He is shown capable of denying Taskmaster’s ability to copy someone’s fighting style, using an unpredictable fighting style that parodies various dance moves, making Taskmaster’s ability to predict attacks useless. After giving some false stories of origin (as well as mocking Wolverine), Deadpool finally reveals that he had been a street kid captured by Nick Fury to be a hero, although later decided to be a mercenary was easier than carrying morals and a conscience. Ultimately, Spider-Man acknowledges that the same could have resulted as Deadpool, there were circumstances in his own life that have been different.
In May 2017, Deadpool’s arrival on television with an animated series is announced.18 The project would be led by the FX channel, which would make a first season with 10 episodes to premiere on its subsidiary cable channel in the United States in 2018, with a partnership of Marvel Television and FX Productions. But finally the project was cancelled.

Deadpool appears in the animated film Hulk Vs Wolverine, with the voice of Nolan North. Deadpool acts as a member of Professor Thorton’s military attack team, known as Team X (along with Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, and Sabretooth) in the X Weapon Program, trying to capture Wolverine and Hulk in order to brainwash them and turn them into final weapons. He often annoys his companions with his jokes.
Real Image Cinema
Deadpool/Wade Wilson appears in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, while Scott Adkins plays Deadpool/Arma XI mutated. In this film, Deadpool is a skillful mercenary and charlatan/mouth, who uses his swords with such speed and mastery that he can stop bullets with them. Stryker himself admits that he would be a great warrior “if he could keep his mouth shut”. Later, Sabretooth says that Wade is dead, but in reality he was the test subject for the XI Weapon, Deadpool. In this way, his mouth is sewn together and he possesses the powers of several mutants, such as Cyclops’ optical rays, John Wraith’s teleportation and Chris Bradley’s technopathy, as well as being able to pull swords from his forearms. In the final fight, he is defeated by Sabretooth and Wolverine, the latter beheading Deadpool. In some copies projected in cinemas, the scene behind the credits shows the hand of Deadpool’s decapitated body looking for the head, which, with its mouth uncoupled, looks at the audience and hisses to keep silent (in reference to its ability to break the fourth wall).
On February 11, 2016, a Spin-off derived from the X-Men entitled Deadpool.7Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, and directed by Tim Miller, with a script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who respected the nature of the character.19This version depicts Wade as a mercenary who after being diagnosed with stage cancer is helped by Ajax who has offered a cure and torture to Wade to catalyze the treatment, which eventually results in the activation of regressive mutant genes, causing their disfigurement and healing factor. Wade performs a vendetta to force Ajax to fix his disfigurement, and eventually kills him by admitting to Ajax that this was impossible.

On February 11, 2016, a Spin-off derived from the X-Men entitled Deadpool.7Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, and directed by Tim Miller, with a script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who respected the nature of the character.19This version depicts Wade as a mercenary who after being diagnosed with stage cancer is helped by Ajax who has offered a cure and torture to Wade to catalyze the treatment, which eventually results in the activation of regressive mutant genes, causing their disfigurement and healing factor. Wade performs a vendetta to force Ajax to fix his disfigurement, and eventually kills him by admitting to Ajax that this was impossible. This film also introduces Reynolds’ incarnation to his most famous comic book weakness: his Truman syndrome which adds to the comic effect by allowing him to refer not only to X-Men films and casts, but also to Ryan Reynolds and his filmography.
A sequel, officially titled Deadpool 2, was announced to be developed shortly after the release of the first film. David Leitch joined to direct the film, with Reynolds repeating his role as Wade Wilson / Deadpool. The script was written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Drew Goddard and Ryan Reynolds. In addition, Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz were chosen to play Nathan Summers/Cable and Neena Thurman/Domino, respectively.
In December 2013, Rob Liefeld confirmed that Cable and Deadpool would appear in an X-Force spin-off for the X-Men film series, and Ryan Reynolds would return as the last. After Deadpool’s release, Reynolds felt Deadpool would soon be in an X-Force movie. By February 2017, Joe Carnahan had registered as a director as well as a co-writer with Ryan Reynolds. In September of the same year, the studio separated from Carnahan, while Drew Goddard replaced him as writer/director after previously working as co-writer on the script for Deadpool’s sequel. The following month, Josh Brolin declared that production will begin sometime during 2018.
Video Games
Deadpool appears in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, dubbed by John Kassir. Deadpool appears at first as a boss, having been hired and lobotomized by Mister Sinestro. Fight the X-Men and Brotherhood in New York during Act 4. Deadpool can be unlocked when completing the game for the first time. As in comic books, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall if the player stays too long. If you fight the Deadpool enemy using the Deadpool player, both will argue about who is the real one.
In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Deadpool is a playable character from the start, with John Kassir repeating his role as Wade Wilson. It’s handled much like it appeared in X-Men Legends II. His costumes are Classic, Ultimate (based on the Ultimate Universe), Weapon X (from the Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X saga), and Murderer (his costume in Cable and Deadpool). Deadpool makes many comments about the game parodying other Marvel characters or recognizing that it is a video game character. It has special dialogue sequences with Weasel, Black Widow, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent caught during the Helitransport attack, Edwin Jarvis, the Elderly, Vision, Hank Pym, Valkyrie, Nick Fury and Black Lightning. His simulator mission is in the Murderworld of Arcade, where he fights a dark version of Spider-Man; during the mission report, Wade mixes the origins of Thor, Blade, Daredevil, Storm and Hulk before telling his true origin.
Deadpool appears in the game that adapts the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The voice is given by Steven Blum.
Deadpool is again a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, once again dubbed by John Kassir. In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, he is a second phase boss, but will join the heroes once he is defeated and realizes that they are not part of the Titanium Man terrorist attack. Deadpool is fully aware that he is in a video game, and his dialogue reflects this; for example, if the player includes him in the Anti-Registration team, he will propose to Maria Hill the possibility of switching to the Pro-Registration team “in the next game” and his character file mentions that he thinks he is in a comic or in a video game, when he is selected during the game he will say “What is it, player? In addition, during Deadpool credits he will face one of the game’s scriptwriters to complain about not being the protagonist. In the Wii, PSP and PS2 versions it is playable from the beginning (but can only be included when the team is separated), also breaks the fourth wall and on the loading screens and credits appears sitting watching TV.

Deadpool is one of the characters chosen for Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, with Nolan North lending his voice again to the character. His skills consist in the use of his weapons (guns and katanas), his teleporter (who will explode if he uses it too much), he imitates Ryu’s shoryuken and has a movement in which he will hit his opponent with his own bar of life. He also breaks the fourth wall by shouting “You pressed the wrong button!” “when defeated and facing the player when he wins.
Deadpool makes his antagonistic appearance in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, in his reverse version of Ultimate Spider-Man, counting again on the voice of Nolan North. However, it retains many features of the original Deadpool, such as its crazy humor, its ability to break the fourth wall, the use of a portable teleport and some healing factor. Spidey confronts him on an oil platform where Deadpool shoots his program Pain Factor, as he makes his way through the hordes of fans who serve as Deadpool’s “army. In the final fight, Deadpool tricks Spider-Man with a fake fragment of the Table of Order and Chaos, using the original to create 2 copies of himself. Spider-Man defeats him and gets the original fragment.
Deadpool is a playable character in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
Deadpool The Video Game is a multiplatform hack game n´slash of action and shooter developed by High Moon Studios and distributed by Activision which was released on June 23, 2013. It has the voice of Nolan North and many cameos of characters from the same universe, such as Mr Siniestro, Wolverine, Psylocke, Rogue and many more.
Deadpool plays an important role in the 2013 Lego Marvel Super Heroes game being the host of the game’s additional levels. He also makes several cameo’s along the plot. And on several occasions he breaks the fourth wall by addressing the player who unlocks a character in the additional levels. By unlocking it, you can use all of its guns and katanas.
Deadpool is a playable character in Marvel: Contest of Champions.